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Ying Yang Yong Modular Coffee Table

The Ying Yang Yong was designed as a round, three piece coffee table, being three pieces the usual Yin Yang was not enough. Remembering a poem by British comedian Spike Milligan "On the Ning Nang Nong" I named these tables Ying Yang Yong. The pieces shown have a top and shelf in Black Ash with Walnut legs. Mounted latches on the underside allow the tables to be locked together as a solid unit. The comma shape provides the flexibility to be able to configure the table for a variety of situations. Two tables together create an oval. They can also be used as three individual tables. A single table can be used as an end or occasional table.

Dimensions - 3 piece 48" diameter x 18" height. 2 piece 46" x 34" x 18". Single 37" x  23" x 18"

Average price range - Single unit - $500-600.

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